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Who We Are

The owner Michael Sims has 25 years of experience in the roofing industry. In the winter of 1992, he started working for his family’s construction company in Kansas City, MO. He was in charge of all things roofing-related. During this time, he realized his passion for installing roofs. After 11 years of being taught quality of work and good workmanship, he started Platinum Roofing in 2003. After ten years of installing thousands of roofs, without one complaint filed with Kansas City’s Better Business Bureau, he opened another location in St. Louis, MO. Where he and his family live today and call home.

Michael Sims truly believes that his calling from God is installing roofs with integrity and now teaching his son, Michael Sims II, the importance of quality workmanship. So he can be the future of the company.

Mission Statement

Provide our customers with the highest quality of roofing products while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We will accomplish this by giving:

1. Our Customers the Highest Possible Service
2. Supplying Our Customers with the Highest Quality Roofing Products
3. Focusing on Success and Excellence in Everything We Do

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(314) 862-2000 (Bridgeton, MO)
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